Try It First Pack - Rabble Royalty

$195.00 USD


The Try it First Pack is simple - you should be able to see which drawstrings go with your look, and which don't... Then you should only pay for what you love.

Just hit Try Before You Buy, and you get 7 days to try everything on, keep what you like, and return the rest! (Of course, returns are free)

We won't charge you until after your 7 days are done!

Get all 26 of our drawstrings and get the ultimate freedom to make whatever look you want!

Don't like some drawstrings? Don't like anything? You have 7 days to return whatever you want, 100% free! (But we bet you're going to love it)

For example: Each drawstring is $5 (30% off, for you), so if you return 10 drawstrings, we'll charge $50 less, etc.