Interchangeable Velcro Patch Hoodie -- Unisex

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Made of Buttery Soft, Huggable Material
Each Hoodie comes with 1 Free Rabble Logo Patch - Our gift to you
$42.00 USD

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Product Description

Rabble Hoodies: Where Comfort Meets Creativity

Rabble Hoodies aren't just any clothes — they're a fun and creative way for kids to express themselves every day.

Why Kids Love Rabble Hoodies:

  • Interactive Fun: Kids can customize their look with velcro patches, perfect for creative play.
  • Expressive and Unique: Each hoodie becomes a reflection of their personality and interests.
  • Buttery Soft, Huggable Material: Designed for comfort, ensuring kids feel great all day.
  • Easy Independence: Simple to use, empowering kids to make their own style choices.

Rabble Hoodies are more than just a garment; they're a canvas for creativity and comfort in your child's everyday life.

Please Note: As these hoodies are Buy One Get One Free, they are final sale.

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Some Happy Rabble Families
Some Happy Rabble Families
"My daughter's confidence has soared with her Rabble Hoodie. She loves picking out her patches each morning, and it's so soft and comfy!"
— Gina R. - San Diego, California
Some Happy Rabble Families
"Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming up with these hoodies! I am obsessed! My kids are over the moon!"
— Jacqueline P. - Raleigh, North Carolina
Some Happy Rabble Families
"Rabble Hoodies are a hit with my son. He changes up the patches every day and he can't wait to put it on each morning."
— Sophia R. - Memphis, Tennessee
Some Happy Rabble Families
"My daughter adores her Rabble Hoodies. They're durable, soft, and great for expressing their unique styles through the patches."
— Isabella Y. - London, England
Some Happy Rabble Families
"My son liked these so much that I got another hoodie for my neice. Thank you!
— Faye K. - Houston Texas
Some Happy Rabble Families
"My daughter is mesmerized by these hoodies. Her favorites are the magic and the pricess ones"
— Samantha O. - San Diego, California
Some Happy Rabble Families
"For my son on the autism spectrum, the Rabble Hoodie is comforting and fun. The velcro patches offer him a joyful sensory experience."
— Ava O. - Augusta, Maine
Some Happy Rabble Families
"We love these hoodies!"
— Mia T. - Sheridan, Wyoming
Some Happy Rabble Families
My son cannot get enough of dinosaurs and cars, so he has been going crazy over these hoodies. Amazing!
— Karolina R. - Dallas, Texas

Where Comfort Meets Creativity

Buttery Soft Material

Super comfy material that will SURVIVE whatever your child puts it through!

Boosts Confidence

Allows children to express themselves, enhancing their self-esteem!

Fosters Independence

Easy to change patches, encouraging self-care and decision-making!

Have Fun!

Your kids will run down the stairs every morning to show their new design!

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